Artificial Grass Pitches:

Thickness: 9mm+:

  • Cricket Artificial Grass Pitch is an All weather, low Maintenance Cricket Pitch, made up for Synthetic grass which is used for both, Outdoor as well as Indoor play.
  • Thickness: 9mm onwards
  • Cricket Artificial Grass Pitch which offers excellent bounce, swing and spin for bowlers and hence improves the skill and technique of batsmen at all levels.
  • Cricket Artificial Grass Pitch is hardwearing, durable and also requires less Maintenance.
  • Cricket Artificial Grass Pitch is installed on a hard concrete surface.
  • Cricket Artificial Grass Pitch, you can enjoy the game of Cricket even in rainy season without losing the opportunity to practice because of wet conditions.
  • Cricket Artificial Grass Pitch is available as Half Pitch as well as Full Pitch size.
  • Usage: Academies, Clubs, Educational Institutions and Private Use

ARTIFICIAL GRASS BOWLER RUNUP / FIELDING AREA: The significant benefits of Artificial Grass (XM6), when used for bowling run-up and fielding:

  • XM6 is installed with a scientifically arrived mixture of silica-sand and rubber granules, to replicate the bio-mechanical properties of the best natural grass surfaces. Thus your bowlers will get the perfect conditions of good grass surface.
  • XM6 is totally grass-like and not a carpet as currently used at many facilities.
  • Any studs / cleats upto even 1 inch can easily get great grip and penetration in the XM6 system.
  • No repetitive stress injuries with XM6
  • Players can safely and comfortably dive, slide and fall on the XM6 system with no danger of injuries, rug-burns, ankle or knee locks, twists, etc.