Rubber Flooring

Areas intended for children to play are mainly of sand, concrete or regular clay substrate. This type of substrate are the cause of many injuries of children during games. To these violations to a minimum increasingly represented pads from recycled rubber. The thickness of the substrate provided may be calculated in relation to the critical fall with the most toys at the playground. This system substrate can be performed in various colors and designs, is porous which allows children to play on it after rain because all the water leak and it does not stay on the surface, durable, UV-resistant, does not require any maintenance, and most importantly provides children to enjoying the game.

Our goal is to create safe colourful play environments to give maximum play enjoyment. To achieve this we work closely with our customers from the design stage through to installation delivering a quality product of stunning visual impact.

We make sure to offer the best design to maximize use of space and at the same time create the best playscape solution for the children. The wide range of rural to urban products allows us to blend elements of product and landscaping, for any environmental location.

The highly elastic playground surface that we offer prevents accidents and protect against injuries. It is adapted to suit local conditions and layout requirements. In addition to the standard system layer thicknesses, we also produce special structures of all kinds. Zones with or without fall protection requirements or different fall heights merge invisibly into one another.


  • A maximum of playing fun combined with excellent shock absorption when falling
  • Continuous homogenous surfaces without "dishing" or missing slabs
  • Hygienic and easily cleaned – no bacterial hotbeds
  • Undulating playscapes or totally level playing fields for ball games and many other uses
  • Creative use of colour and variable surface modelling
  • Fixtures and fittings (posts, masts, etc.) are integrated into the surface without any joints or gaps
  • Play in any weather conditions – the FUN-system prevents puddle formation and reduces algae and moss growth
  • Rubber Flooring playground surfaces are weather-resistant – the best warranty for safety, cleanliness, perfect appearance and minimum maintenance requirements for many years to come
  • Low maintenance costs, no need for replacing rotting or soiled materials, no need for extensive repairs. Individual defects that may emerge after many years of use are quickly without leaving any joints.