The world’s most beautiful game has adopted FieldTurf into its rich tradition. FieldTurf has invested in developing the ideal system for soccer by incorporating natural ball performance to its product, optimal energy return for players, and top safety features. FieldTurf is a select member of the FIFA Preferred Producer Program, having met the rigid obligations and reporting requirements for product development, performance and maintenance.
Some of the world’s most famous soccer pitches have FieldTurf installed.


The FieldTurf XM6 system is built with a proven, in-house ridged-monofilament fiber technology, providing your surface with durability and resilience characteristics that match the top products in the industry.

The infill in the XM6 system is FieldTurf’s 2-layer SBR Rubber and Silica Sand infill that has been installed on hundreds and hundreds of fields worldwide to ensure proper safety and athlete cushion.


With a slit-film fiber that has been upgraded to maximize your field’s performance, FieldTurf’s FTOS system continues to outperform similarly priced competitive systems.

The slit-film yarn used in the FTOS system is produced in our state-of-the-art fiber manufacturing plant, and was developed under the guiding principles of quality fiber development – Polymer, Process, Geometry (PPG) to ensure your field can withstand very heavy usage and still deliver the performance you expect from a FieldTurf field, surpassing competitive products in the slit-film category.

  • Features a slit-film fiber produced with a quality focus on Polymer, Process, and Geometry (PPG).
  • Less cuts and proper manufacturing process of the FTOS fiber allows for outstanding resilience and infill encapsulation
  • The fiber in the FTOS system provides for an excellent combination of softness and durability.
  • Proven FTOS infill and backing for player safety and comfort


Classic HD is the newest slit-film fiber from FieldTurf. It was carefully crafted to maximize durability and safety, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. As we say, it's a Beauty and a Beast.

It was designed using the PPG philosophy – Polymer, Process, and Geometry, to create the new industry standard in slit-film yarn.


FieldTurf Classic HD has been designed to consistently outperform competing slit-film yarns in the industry. Complete with a very strong polymer and the proper concentration of UV stabilizers, the thick design and precision cut pattern of the HD yarn reduces infill splash.

FieldTurf’s Classic HD slit-film artificial turf fiber combines the durability of slit-film yarns with an upgraded production process to deliver the perfect combination of durability and softness. Its unique extrusion and inline precision cutter eliminates excess splitting, for longer-lasting performance and softness. It virtually eliminates any “Edge Decay” that exists on other artificial turf fibers.

The fibrillation process of the Classic HD fibers splits the open end at the top of each fiber. The fibers then lay over on the surface and encapsulate the infill.

Coupled with FieldTurf’s patented, 3-layer, heavy infill system and state-of-the-art SureLock coating method, the FieldTurf Classic HD turf system has been designed to be the leading slit-film synthetic turf system in the industry with unparalleled player safety and turf drainage rates.

  • Designed for extreme durability with a high-end polymer and UV stabilizers along with a unique fiber shape and cut pattern.
  • Much softer to the touch and less abrasive in comparative tests than competing slit-film yarns - without sacrificing any characteristics related to durability.
  • FieldTurf Classic HD system features patented heavy three-layer infill with proven long-term safety characteristics.
  • Patented SureLock coating system leaves the backing 40% porous for unmatched drainage.